My first JavaScript Project

I am glad that I could finish my first JavaScript project in the way I wanted it to be. This was truly a good experience. I found JavaScript very vast language and has many to learn. The materials we covered was difficult to keep up with, but I am happy of what I learned in six weeks. Project mod made the concepts clear for me. I look forward to learning more about it and try some new things on future projects.

My application is about books collection. My users can pseudo login with their names, and this send fetch request to (with post HTTP verb) my backend (rails API) create method. Create method search my database to make sure if user already exit or create new user. After that users send to their show page. Show page has a form to create a new book and add it to the collection. Also show page present already created books. Users can also delete a book through delete button that send fetch request to my backend destroy method.

I like to present error messages to my users. So, if users try to login without inserting their names will get an error message and will not directed to show page. Also, if they try to create a new book without filling all fields will get error messages telling them to fill out the form.

I would be happier if I used PostgreSQL to create my database and deploy my application, but unfortunately, I had issues with installing it and make it to work. Hopefully, I will use it for my finial project.

I cannot wait to begin the final module where I will be learning a new framework: React. It will be great to get ideas for all the things I can create while learning.